For all those who thought “What have we got to lose” during the 2016 election. My question is; How’s that working out for ya?

My focus today is on the latest episode of The Apprentice regarding the State Department. While we can dismiss some disaffection from people losing their jobs I think it is important to listen to the significant number of career diplomats pointing out the deficiencies in our current diplomatic structure and remember that all wars have had a component of international misunderstanding caused by countries not communicating effectively. Ask people who lived through WWII as civilians, if you are fortunate enough to know one, to understand what the reality of war is even if you are not a military combatant. 

While I know that many look askance at career government bureaucrats in some cases experience is vital. In the diplomatic service can anyone rationally prefer a resume with no experience?  Ask yourself if you are in a foreign country and need the support of the US Embassy would you prefer that the  ambassador not know anyone in that countries government or someone who has been there and has cultivated long term relationships in that government. So now which bureaucrat do you want? These relationships require detailed knowledge of the host country and many years of cultivating relationships.

Rex Tillerson had no diplomatic experience when he was appointed Secretary of State and apparently does not believe that experience in that department has any real value. A hiring freeze, early retirement incentives, and vacancies in important posts that have not gotten sufficient attention to receive a nomination are the current realities. There are also questions of racial and cultural purges. We are in very dangerous times and desperately need to have every possible advantage. Lack of a competent diplomat is not an advantage. Read the article at   The Hill  to learn what is happening then broaden your search if you want to learn the whole story.

I for one am sleeping less well at night since becoming aware of this crisis. Am I alone in this concern or are others worried?


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