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When I was working for Corporate Media American, I was looking for a talkradio show host who was also a blogger.  Fast forward 40 years later and I now own the Dialogue Internet Talk Radio Network and I have become that internet talk radio show host I was looking for.  If you go to dialogep.com you will hear talk radio that comes from a Mexican American/ Chicano point of view.  We have no nationally broadcast talk radio show to highlight our opinions.  We are just mixed in with the general market.  Well now we have the internet and live streaming to amplify voices and ideas.  Now that’s as American as a dream can get, Me being able to give voice.   So here we go and since this is the 2018 mid-term elections, Lets start that #VoterRevolution 2018 and get out the vote.  And I love to share art……….

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  1. And it is Great Art. You are providing a way for the Chicano voice to be heard. Much applause for your efforts.

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