Who We Are

“This is not who we are.” We hear this over and over again but the instant commentary on all of the turmoil we are enduring is coming from international media not domestic. Why is US media not more aggressive on the obvious threats we face during the next week? There is a credible threat to prevent 25th amendment proceeding and plans to attack all 50 state capitols to disrupt swearing in Biden on the 20th. Federal authority is completely dysfunctional with a leadership vacuum. I truly fear for our democracy!!!!  SADLY THIS IS WHO WE ARE NOW

Adding to this travesty are the remaining Trump administration loyalists sowing poison pills in every way possible to damage the new administration. Look at the foreign policy moves now being made to escalate long-standing friction. Every minute during the next week is another opportunity for disaster. We should all celebrate those who are divorcing themselves from the current administration as patriots. Where is the mass republican renunciation of Trump??? I hope we survive the next 10 days.

The good news is that we can now clearly compare righteous patriotic acts like Bill Bilicheck refusing the medal of honor and businesses divorcing themselves from Trump while the continuing Trump cult is making excuses and posturing as victims, All of the politicians and pundits who publicly continue to support the stolen election lie after the riot should go down as seditionists along with Trump. Now we need the country to unite behind the patriots

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